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Our children and families are being bombarded with confusing messages.  Teachers are having to spend more time regulating student behaviors instead of actually teaching.  Television, movies and social media glamorize alcohol, drugs and sex as acceptable and normal ways to cope with powerful feelings.  Our children are experiencing a number of adverse childhood experiences that keep their emotional system in an unregulated and high alert state. Without realizing it, we are creating a generation that is unattached and addicted.  We can and must do better and there is no better time to start than now.


Children who have higher emotional literacy:

  • Are more reseliant

  • Tolerate frustration better

  • Get in fewer fights

  • Exhibit less destructive behavior

  • Are healthier

  • Less lonely

  • More focused

  • Less impulsive

  • Demonstrate greater academic

T2T's overview for success includes the following:

Why it



The Need

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