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T2T is focused on increasing resiliency by promoting emotional literacy through the lens of secure attachment.  Emotional literacy includes the:

  • ability to understand our emotions,

  • ability to listen to others and empathize with their emotions

  • ability to express emotions productively


To be emotionally literate is to be able to handle emotions in a way that improves your personal power and improves the quality of life around you.  Increased emotional literacy:

  • improves relationships

  • creates loving possibilities between people

  • makes co-operative work possible

  • facilitates the feeling of community


Our ideal scenario is starting young … very young.  Even before your child is born.  Once they are born, ages 0-5 are perfect times to help build the architecture of the brain.  Helping our little ones learn to recognize, understand and be aware of their feelings at these early ages is possible and so very important but it doesn’t stop there!


T2T has developed emotional literacy resources for children, teens and adults.  It starts with gaining a basic understanding of our brain biology and then utilizing secure attachment techniques using music, movement, games and persistent practice.  When emotional literacy is combined with secure attachment resiliency can begin to develop and flourish.


T2T resources include our T2T Building Better Behavior Toddlers and Teen packs and other materials as well as the T2T Parent/Adult Boot-Camp project.  Boot-Camps are two-hours of power packed videos, instruction and plenty of real life practice suitable for parents/adults of toddlers or teens.  Please visit our shopping page for product descriptions and Boot-Camp Certification process.


The T2T project is so much more than a product.  It is about opening the eyes and changing a system that has lost its priority focus of our youth and families.  Please check out our T2T Logic Model to see our vision.  We’d love to have your feedback.

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