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Debby Jones, CPS
Chief Executive Officer

Debby Jones is a Certified Prevention Specialist and is the Prevention Coordinator for Wasco County, Oregon and the Co-Creator of the Toddlers 2 Teens (T2T) Social Emotional Learning Project.  Debby received her Bachelor's of Science Degree from Brigham Young University in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership. She is the Co-Chair for the State of Oregon's Addiction and Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council and the Co-Chair of the state's Behavioral Health Promotion & Prevention subcommittee.  She is a certified instructor in QPR, Youth Mental Health First Aid and SAMHSA's Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training. According to Debby, the greatest compliment she has ever received was when a 6 year old was explaining to her friend who she was … “she’s a kid like us but can drive”. Debby lives in The Dalles, Oregon.

Dr. Ann Corwin, Ph.D., M.Ed.,
Creator and Constultant

Dr. Ann Corwin is the Principle Creator and Consultant for the Toddlers 2 Teens (T2T) Social Emotional Learning Project. Known to many as “The Parenting Doctor,” Ann has made it her life’s work to develop practical parenting programs for parents and children. Ann has a Ph.D. in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy and Masters Degree in Education and over thirty years of experience in parenting consulting and child development education. She has helped thousands of parents and educators throughout the world understand and help their infants, children and teens. Ann focuses on prevention and helps parents learn to help themselves. Her love for speaking and educating, along with her focus on prevention and helping families learn problem solving, has made her an extraordinarily gifted and sought after lecturer. Ann lives in Laguna Niguel, California with her husband and they have two grown children.

T2T incorporates two distinct but vitally important disciplines – brain biology and attachment theory.

With a more complete understanding of brain biology and the importance of attachment is it possible to

help parents and other care-providers impact the basic architecture of the brain? Could the result be a

more adaptive and resilient child, adolescent and future adult?

T2T believes the answers are a resounding yes! T2T acknowledges the ground breaking research of Dr.

Vincent Felitti and Kaiser Permanente in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s). This research has

changed the health care philosophy from merely prolonging life to a deeper understanding that the

mind/body connection is fundamental to the potential of promoting overall long-term health and


The ACE’s research opened the door but a new question has emerged – can we do anything to prevent

ACE’s and if not, what must be done to combat their devastating effects?

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