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As your children get older the need to help them build resiliency and navigate the ups and downs of puberty and adolescence becomes a priority. With this in mind we have created the Tweens 2 Teens Gear Box. We call it a gear box because our overall goal is to help our young people increase their resiliency. We believe that can happen best when we shift gears from our very strong, and powerful feeling brain to engaging more with our thinking brain. The contents of the Gear Box will help you answer many questions and be more prepared to embrace the challenging teen years. You will be ready when your tween/teen begins the rollercoaster ride of adolescence. Who knows, maybe the teen years will become your favorite! What's included:


T2T Feeling Card Deck: This fun and informative card deck is perfect for playing traditional card games as well as our unique social emotional learning games. Each deck includes 25 common feelings in both English and Spanish, as well as feeling specific quotes that make it easy to increase ones emotional literacy. As we engage in person to person play we also increase our secure attachments. Emotional literacy and secure attachment open the door to building a more resilient teen. 


Shifting Gears 2 Better Behavior Guide:  The language of feelings is not always obvious and it's more than okay to ask for help. Help is on the way with the T2T Shifting Gears 2 Better Behavior Guide. This guide identifies 25 common feelings in both English and Spanish, the behaviors that often follow those feelings and helpful "do something different" behavior strategies that just might become life changing.


Shifting Gears Stop Light Key Chain: The T2T lenticular key chain is a great resiliency tool to help you remember the T2T process and the importance to "do something" when a feeling comes. An added bonus of the T2T key chain is remembering how movement works as a coping strategy. Touching and visiualizing the "Stop", "Think" and "Do" lights help them stay on track and build your teens resiliency.


Shifting Gears Feeling Grid: Sometimes it's difficult to voice our feelings and because of this we have included our Shifting Gears Feeling Grid.  See all 25 feelings in a simple bi-lingual grid with a low to high "temperature guage". This can help identify and communicate a feeling quickly and peacefully.


Maps 2 Better Behavior Brochures: Adolescence is not an easy time, for parents or tweens/teens. T2T Maps 2 Better Behavior Brochures are in both English and Spanish, age specific and provide added insite into what is really going on during this amazing yet challenging time.  Information is at your fingertips on how you can be better prepared to help them shift gears to better behaviors.


Tips 2 Talk Brochure: Small but power packed with valuable information on how you can start engaging with your tween/teen today. This information is not from an adults perspective but from teens themselves.





Tweens 2Teens Gear Box

  • English and Spanish all in one gear box.

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