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You can teach your children about the way that they feel and how to “do something” different when needed for a happy and successful life!  T2T is an easy to learn, research-based process that will guide you and your children toward better behavior and increase social emotional learning.  All T2T materials are conveniently in English and Spanish.


What's included:


  • Our multi-functional pack will hold all of your T2T tools and has special snaps and straps that help you attach your pack in a variety of convenient applications be it your car or stroller.  Otus and the Wise Guys can travel with you.
  • Better Behavior Guide has been developed to help you understand you and your children’s feelings and have research-based “do something” solutions at your fingertips. This convenient guide will help you:
    • see the behaviors that children do after a feeling arrives
    • recognize 16 common feelings have by colors, names and expressions
    • help your child “do something” different if their behavior is getting them into trouble
    • The Better Behavior Guide easily fits into a purse, diaper bag, back-pack, back pocket … you name it, it’s there when you need it the most!

  • Otus and The Wise Guys make up our combination of the 16 of the most common feelings including:
    • Sad, mad, happy, love and scared to just name a few.  Otus, the wisest of them all, helps your children understand that feelings are a good thing but the key is choosing the best way to behave when our feelings come to visit.  Otus and the Wise Guys come in bright colors and have matching expressions for the feeling they represent.  On the back of each Wise Guy is the feeling word in English and Spanish. 

  • Two Maps 2 Better Behavior are included in each T2T pack.  Each Map 2 Better Behavior is developmentally appropriate for the specific age of your child.  These simple durable tri-folds break down the T2T process into one page and help you connect your child’s brain biology with the magic of the Attachment Rule.  Both the 0-3 and 4-7 Map 2 Better Behavior is included in each T2T pack.  Additional 8-7 and 13 and up Maps 2 Better Behavior are available for a small additional fee.
  • The T2T Game Brochure provides instant and fun ways to start practicing social emotional learning with your children.  Each game description gives the reason behind the game as well as simple instructions and how to play.  Nine fun games are included.
  • The T2T 5” x 7” magnet helps you keep Otus and the Wise Guys handy in the kitchen or wherever you choose to utilize it.  All 16 Wise Guy feelings displayed on this colorful magnet.

Toddlers2Teens Pack

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